Company introduction

logo-headWISDOMWARE,“Technical association of latest technologies and creator of rising icons in the field of technology” because we here believe that without wisdom, knowledge is either useless or destructive.


Training Development Consultancy
We are no 1 in the field of Software & Embedded Training programs for engineering & other students. Have a very efficient team on software & Embedded project development. We provide job consultancy for the WISDOMWARE certified students.


WISDOMWARE is one of the IT education and training service provider brands of India which believes in doing what it says. It is the acronym of Quality Education with surplus industrial exposure. The company provides different types of IT training programs like Summer Training, Winter Training, 6 month Industrial training and 6 weeks training in various verticals of IT Sector. The company completely deals in providing quality in all aspects of education with nominal facevalue.

The organization provides summer training on some of the most hot technologies like 8051, AVR, VERILOG/VHDL, PIC, MATLAB, PCB DESIGNING, ANDROID APPLICATIONS DEVELOPMENT, LINUX, EMBEDDED SYSTEM & many more. The company assists in placing the students in various corporate sector after the successful completion of the course. We at Wisdomware, mainly wants to bridge the gap between the theoretical knowledge taught at colleges level with the required practical assets. It’s just because companies are always looking for very competent man force to gain full throughput.

Wisdomware provides friendly atmosphere between students and teachers because we believe in Imparting future with knowledgeto our students. The IT industry is booming and have lots of scope for IT professionals. But there is a massive scarcity of technical guys in present scenario. About 27% to 33% graduates are only able get good jobs. So we at WISDOMWARE Technology is continuously trying bridge this gap and bring some relief to our future nation builders by providing quality education.


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