C programming is one of thousands of computer programming languages that allow users to create instructions for a computer to follow. While C has a slightly more cryptic style than some other programming languages, it’s fairly easy to learn and allows you to read and write code for many different platforms. Because it’s so efficient and gives the user a lot of control, C is very popular with programmers.

Course Highlights

Course              :    Advanced ‘C’ Programming Language

Certification     :    Participation Certificate by Wisdomwareindia Technology

Study Material :    Books & CD Free to each participant

Duration            :   30 Days/90 hrs

 Attractive Offer

  • If student have workshop certificate then there is discount of 15% (Basic / Advance)
  • If student have workshop merit certificate then there is discount of  100% (Basic / Advanced) for them.

Training Modules

BASIC MODULE – Advanced ‘C’ Programming Language


 Fundamentals of C

  • Data types and Constants
  • Simple & Formatted I/O
  • Memory Usage
  • Operators & Expressions
  • Flow Control
  • Loops


  • Role of Functions
  • Pass by value / reference
  • Returning values from Functions
  • Recursive Functions
  • Call Back Functions
  • Implications on Stack
  • Library Vs User defined function
  • Passing variable number of arguments


  • Defining, initializing and using arrays
  • Multi Dimensional Arrays
  • Arrays of Characters and Strings
  • Arrays and Pointers
  • Passing arrays to functions
  • String handling with and without library functions

 Storage Classes

  • Scope and Life
  • Automatic, Static, External, Register
  • Memory(CPU / RAM)

 Structures & Unions

  • What structures are for
  • Declaration, initialization
  • Accessing like objects
  • Nested Structures
  • Array of Structures
  • Passing structures through functions
  • Allocation of memory and holes
  • Structure Comparison
  • Structure bit operation
  • Typedef for portability
  • Unions
  • Overlapping members

 Enumerated data types

  • Enum, Indexing, enum Vs #define

 Bit Operations

  • AND ( & ), OR ( | ), XOR ( ^ )
  • Compliment ( ~ )
  • Left-Shift ( << ), Right Shift ( >> )
  • Masking, Setting, Clearing and Testing of Bit / Bits


  • The purpose of pointers
  • Defining pointers
  • The & and * operators
  • Pointer Assignment
  • Pointer Arithmetic
  • Multiple indirections
  • Advanced pointer types
  • Generic and Null Pointer
  • Function Pointers
  • Pointers to Arrays and Strings
  • Array of Pointers
  • Pointers to Structure and Union
  • Pointers to Dynamic memory
  • Far, Near and Huge Pointers
  • Pointer Type Casting

 Dynamic Memory Allocation

  • Malloc(), Calloc(), Realloc(), Free()
  • Far malloc(), Far calloc()

 File Handling Concepts

  • Concept of a FILE data type
  • Inode, FILE structure
  • File pointer
  • Character handling routines
  • Formatted Data Routines
  • Raw data Routines
  • Random Access to FILE

Note : These are just the major aspects that we will be discussing, each point will be elaborated in detail with demonstrations of the tools and techniques. A live speaker and instructor will be available to answer questions and help you during the training.

After completion students will receive Certificate’s from Wisdomwareindia Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Why C/C++ Programming Language Training from Wisdomwareindia Technology?

  • we are covering many Minor Projects and Major Projects within 30 days of training.
  •  Our syllabus is professionally designed to cover Basic as well as Advance aspects   of  C/++ Programming Language.
  •  Each day of our training is well planned to provide you with Theoretical as well as Practical knowledge .
  • Each day will come up with New Practicals & Projects which makes the training interesting and exciting.
  •  Time to time Practical Assignments will be provided to the students, which will help them in doing practice at home.
  •  Revision Time & Query Sessions are provided to the students which help them in clearing previous doubts.
  •  Exam will be conducted at the end of basic as well as Advance module to test the knowledge level  of the students.


  • Basic knowledge of Computer fundamentals.
  • Eagerness to learn new innovative things.


  • It is strongly recommended to bring your own LAPTOP during the training so that you can easily practice the exercises at home.

Who Could Attend this Training ?

  • Students from B.E / B.Tech / M.Tech / Diploma ( ECE / EEE / CSE / IT / MECH ) can join this training.
  • Anyone who have interest in this field and have pre-requisite knowledge.

Registration Procedure

  • To complete your Registration for Wisdomwareindia Technology Training 2013 program, kindly follow the following steps:Step 1 : Register yourself online for Training. Click HereStep 2 : Download the Training Registration Form here

    Note : Your Seat will be confirmed only once we receive your Training Registration Form and Fees. You will get a e-Receipt as a confirmation of your registration.


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