Autonomous Robotics

Wisdomware Technology Presents a Workshop on ” Autonomous Robotics “

Robotics, is the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, structural disposition, manufacture and application of robots..Robots, an electro-mechanical machine which is guided by computer and electronic programming. It can be programmable or non- programmable.Robots are able to perform repetitive tasks more quickly, cheaply, and accurately than humans.

Perhaps the most dramatic changes in future robots will arise from their increasing ability to reason. The field of artificial intelligence is moving rapidly from university laboratories to practical application in industry, and machines are being developed that can perform cognitive tasks, such as strategic planning and learning from experience. Increasingly, diagnosis of failures in aircraft or satellites, the management of a battlefield, or the control of a large factory will be performed by intelligent computers.

About Workshop

This workshop will provide college students a base to robotics. They will learn the Automation technology and get better understanding and grip on its application. They will be developing their own models by their own hands. These projects focus on the application and use of technology rather than their internal working so that a person can grasp the concepts well.

A live speaker and instructor are available to answer questions during this 2 day workshop.
Let a trained professional show you how to play with the robots. After completion attendees will get a certificate of participation and merit students will get merit certificate from Wisdomware Technology.

Topics to be Covered

  • Introduction of  Robotics
  • Basic Electronics
  • Embedded System
  • Integrated circuits (IC’s)
  • Kit Description
  • Introduction of  Micro controller
  • Motors and their control
  • Sensors
  • Introduction of C programing
  • Introduction of Embedded C

Project to be Covered

  • Blinking of LED & LCD Glowing
  • Sensor Interfacing and calibration
  • Motor Interfacing with micro controller
  • Autonomous Obstacle avoidance Robot
  • Autonomous Line follower Robot (LFR)
  • Autonomous Object follower Robot
  • Autonomous Wall follower Robot

Note : These are just the major aspects that we will be discussing, each point will be elaborated in detail with demonstrations of the tools and techniques.

Note : Students will get free  robotics kit and tools kit in our workshop

Prerequisite for Workshop

  • Passion to learn new creative things.
  • Knowledge of basic chips and micro controllers.
  • Having basic knowledge of Computers.

Who Could Attend ?

  • College students seeking future in Robotics.
  • Education Faculty & Staff in robotics field.
  • Students from any branch can attend the workshop.

Workshop Highlights

  • Learn & Interact with renowned Industry Experts.
  • Receive an unparalleled education on the art of robotics with personal one-on-one attention.
  • Learn to make many types of Robots in 2 days.
  • Covers all the basics of Robotics.
  • Printed material developed by well established Industry experts.
  • Hands on Demonstrations of Latest Robotics Techniques & Tools.
  • Power Point Presentation, Live Demos, Interactive Question & Answer sessions and comprehensive reading material.

Key Benefits of  Wisdomware technology

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Benefits to the Participants

  • Certificate of participation would be awarded to each participant by Wisdomware Technology.
  • Free Software Toolkit CD (Containing E-Books, Software, Video’s, Tutorials)
  • 1 Robotic Kit will be provided to all the groups (each group having 3-4 students).
  • Wisdomwareindia technology Summer / Winter Training Redemption Coupon (15% discount) and winners will get 100% discount.

Contact Details

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